Thursday, May 19, 2011

Digital Artist

1/ Talents a digital artist requires:
  • creativity
  • Ideas
  • Fast flexible
  • Good observation
  • Highly technical

2/ Three possible Photoshop tools or items that were used in these videos:
  • Clone stamp tool
  • Brush tool
  • Photo collage

3/ TEN occupations that went into the making of this video:
  • Photographer
  • Cinema
  • computer teacher
  • Design games

Friday, April 1, 2011


- If you want to get music in your audcity program go into the project folder
-Go to the projet menu and make a new label track
-Remember to bring music headphones to mr.sanger's class
-The dumbell tool is acyually a time shift tool it can move your music left or right
-The I beam the 'selection tool'
-The 3rd tool the envolpe tool can squish or lenghten the points
-The pencil tool can
-The multi tool mode is a combonation of all the tools

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


- Put all your layers in one folder amd call it IPOD.
- Make a duplicate of that folder.
- Name those folders that you made shadow and reflectione.
- The shadow and the reflection and shadow folders flatten them down.
- You will transform the" refletion" and flip it vertically.
- Put a mask on your "refletion" wse the gradient tool or the paint brush to make a reflection beliable it must be faded and little bit opaque.
- Take your shadow laer and control click on the icon layer.
-The last thing you are going to do is edit colour.
-Squish your Ipod using the trainsform and the type of shadow you want.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The tools of composition

- Hierchierchy. The relative importance of elements. ( most important to least important)
- Focal " Point- The strongest, most compeling element in a design. ( focused portion in an image)
- Eye path: A strong compestation can guide the viewers eye though the design.
- proportation: Size of elements in proportation to one another. Relative Amouts of space devoted to item eg. written and image.
- visual wieght: equals size + value. ( the lightness or darkness of a colour).
-Type as a visual element: Think of blocks of type as having shape and wieght, just like photo's and illustrations
-Allignment "Grid": It can give a sense of visual order and rythem. Set of guidelines for the user to align and repeat.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

- To get image into another.
- Copy or Paste.
- Drag layer into the picture.
- Ctrl + T  transform.
- If your picture is too big zoom out/ or you cannot see your handles.
- Hold down handles while pressing shift.
- When you are done press enter.
- Use a mask if you want to hide something.
- The shortcut to make the brush bigger or smaller.
- Left  bracket or right bracket.
- Hold down shift to make a line